Create a list or lists, with one or more groups, to give contacts options to receive specific information.
Create saved segments, that auto-update, to send targeted campaigns based on contact preferences, location, and more criteria.
View the full email signup form with list and groups created for Projekt Interim GmbH.
Lissa, the owner of Barnacle Bags Studio, lives on a small island off the coast of Washington State (USA), a stone's throw from Canada. She makes a range of bags from simple waxed canvas rucksacks to leather wallets.

I created the new RSS-to-Email template so when a new blog post is published subscribers automatically get the full post. With big inspiring product photos created near in natural settings near the workshop, behind-the-scenes of product creation, and musings about life by the Lissa, she delights subscribers and get above industry-standard results - lots and opens and clicks and very few unsubscribes. Learn more about my MailChimp Expert experience.

Israeli non-profit HaTikva Project gets donations for new dental clinics, providing aid to more families, and “unwanted” and orphaned children through email marketing.

I created a new email template to mimic the branding on the website and to make it easy to updates emails. Learn more about my MailChimp Expert experience.

Los Angeles-based photographer Bill Aron has been interested in how people present themselves and interact with each other, including with the camera.

We have been working together since 2012 creating marketing email and social media campaigns promoting Jewish culture and heritage through photo print and books sells, and exhibitions. His series about cancer is available as a book called New Beginnings - The Triumphs of 120 Cancer Survivors and we promoted his US book-signings and in-person talks and on the radio. Learn more about my MailChimp Expert experience. I updated his campaigns to start using the new drag and drop responsive design emails templates by MailChimp when they became available in early 2013. No more squinting!! Responsive design makes it easy to view text and images on big and small screens since the layout changes are based on the aspect ratio and screen size.

New York-based photographer Adam Savitch promotes his editorial and advertising work created for clients in the USA and Europe by emails.

7 seconds. To represent a video. I created an animated gif, using parts from the client's video, that teases, entices, entertains you with part of the experience. No scrolling. Just watch. Over and over. Hypnotic, it's it? I also created the branded responsive-design email template, managed email campaigns, update the contact list, and set up the automated welcome email to introduce new subscribersNew York and Paris-based photographer and motion image maker Adam Savitch collaborated with New York-based Versatile Studios to create high-end concept videos for fragrances, timepieces, and other luxury goods companies. Learn more about my MailChimp Expert experience.

Brooklyn, New York-based not-for-profit POWER OF 2 promotes the bond between an infant and his or her primary caregiver is critical to establish a life-long foundation for good health, academic success, and positive relationships.

I also created the branded responsive-design email template and helped make company logo sharp on websiteLearn more about my MailChimp Expert experience.
The UPS Store packs, ships, offer mailboxes rentals so that companies can have a real street address, shredding, makes passport photos, notary services, and more.

I create customized emails using the company branded templates, manage contacts, update the website landing page to promote services and special offers, and manage communications on social media. The work with the corporate marketing department to create timely updates that are on-brand and with the store owners to make sure the content is tailored for that specific location and neighborhood. It is a mix of working with a small business owner and a global corporation. Learn more about my certified, award-winning Constant Contact Solution Provider experience.
St. Amand New World wines, brews, and spirits promotes many innovative and quality US products to the amazing cultures and languages of Latin America and the Caribbean.

I helped make it easy join email updates on the signup page in three languages, by pre-filing the country, language, and winery, brewery, and distillery options. Subscribers can change options upon signup and anytime by updating their preferences. The company sends updates in three languages about each interest for relevant, targeted marketing. The link to the signup page is on bottom of every page of the company website as well as on Instagram and Twitter. Learn more about my MailChimp Expert experience.

Finance publication OroyFinanzas

Finance publication in Madrid, Spain gave me a new challenge – create English and Spanish-language editions for the RSS-to-email feeds to use responsive design. This makes it easy for the client to send updates to segmented contact list, easy for the contacts to view the updates on all size screens, add new subscribers, and send automated welcome emails. View the the Email subscriber form – Spanish and English.


kramerproductions is a photography, film, video, tv, and media company that host panel discussions and product demos. We integrated Eventbrite to register guest. His clients include Nike and Apple, where less is more in terms of design and a symbol/logo/icon represents the company branding. Responsive design makes it easy to view text and images on big and small screens since the layout changes are based on the aspect ratio and screen size. Learn more in his forward-thinking emails.

Read an interview about my experience.

Consulting services include:
Create mobile-friendly, responsive email design templates, customized with HTML/CSS, to match the company brand identity.
Schedule related social media post and update Website landing pages.
Send permission-based one-time, recurring, triggered, and dynamic content-driven campaigns.
Add contacts online (websites, social media, email, QR code, mobile/tablet apps) and in print.
Remove unsubscribed or bounced contacts to maintain list accuracy & improve open & click metrics.
Create list segmentation based on factors such as signup date, location, and interest groups.
Manage multiple campaigns for accuracy, meet content deadlines, with clients & production teams.
A/B Test subject lines, send times/days, text/graphic links, & frequency to establish contact profiles.
Analyze and summarize campaign performance with reports to improve customer loyalty strategies.
You’ll know who opens and clicks the links through your emails so you can refine and improve your marketing.
Tutorials are available online and in-person.
I also create customized HTML email design templates you can send through ther email marketing services and database list that allow sending emails to their contacts, and you can send through regular email providers such as Microsoft, Gmail, and Yahoo.
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